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  • The Precious Blood

    “But with the precious blood of Christ;” I Peter 1:18

    The most precious possession that a man can have is the salvation of his soul. The only way and means of securing this precious possession is by the precious blood of Jesus.

    Precious means it is of great value; greatly loved or cared for. That which is precious to us we will care for with great care and concern. We will want to keep it safe and secure and clean and well fed and healthy as we would our children, our family, our homes and even ourselves.

    The reason so many can take their so-called salvation so lightly and do not treat it as precious is that they do not possess a real salvation. That which is precious to you, you will care for with the greatest care. A salvation that is precious to us understands firstly that we have it because Jesus shed His blood for us. We care for it by nourishing it, keeping it safe and secure and clean and well fed and healthy.

    We must nourish our salvation with the Word of God by reading and meditating upon it. We secure our salvation by gathering with the church for fellowship. We keep our salvation safe, well fed and healthy by attending the local church and sitting under the preaching and teaching of the good Word of God.

    As there is no substitute for the precious blood there as well is no substitute for the precious salvation of our souls.

    Those who are truly saved see the great need of caring for that which God has given them and treat it as their most precious possession; the salvation of our soul by the precious blood of Jesus.

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