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  • The Eagle

    The Bible makes reference to the Eagle in thirteen books. Many of these refer to the ability of the Eagle to fly high and rule a great domain not being bound or chained by any earthly means.

    There is a story told about a mountain town where a great Eagle had been captured and put on display in a store window. It had been held in captivity for some months and had become indifferent to its condition. It had been fastened by a chain on one leg and a ring on the floor. The story goes that a mountaineer came to the town and saw the Eagle and approached the owner about buying him. They agreed on a price and the mountaineer took the great Eagle to the highest place he could find in the town. There he took the chain off and stepped back in hopes that the Eagle would fly away. Much to his surprise the great bird just sat there. He did not realize that he was free and could once again fly high into the sky as he once did. He had been bound for so long that he didn’t care about flying and doing what Eagles do.

    The crowd that had gathered and the mountaineer stood motionless and disappointed. The great Eagle made no attempt to fly away. But all of a sudden the great bird looked up into the sun and apparently realized he was free, raised his head, stretched out his wings, pushed off the perch with his strong legs and flew high into the sky. The crowd cheered as he flew higher and higher into the sun; free from the chains that had bound him.

    The mountaineer told the crowd, “I used to see that bird high up in the mountains while I tended my sheep. When I saw him chained down in that store window I just could not stand it. It belongs up in the high mountains doing what God intended for Great Eagles to do.”

    So it is with men that are held by the chains of sin and the Devil. They become cold and complacent to the condition of their lives and soon forget that they were set free to serve the Lord that had saved them. The gospel of John 8:36 tell us –

    “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed”

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