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  • Mother’s Day

    This day is set aside to honor the person that God chose to birth you into the world or the person that was chosen to guide you in this life. You did not choose your mother; God made that choice for you. Since God does all things well and perfectly, your mother was the right choice for you. She was or is the person God wanted or wants for your mother because she is the person that God has chosen to bring the will of God for you to pass in your life. Your mother may have been or is the best mother she could be or she may not be the best, but she is or was God’s choice for your mother.

    In Matthew 20:20-28 the mother of Zebedee’s children, James and John, came to the Lord worshipping and desiring certain things of Him. She did not ask for health or wealth for her children but that her children might be honored to sit with the Saviour. What she wanted for them was the very best that God had to offer; to be with Jesus in His kingdom in a place of service. This is not selfishness; it is heartfelt desire for her children to have the very best that God has to offer. What better could they get than to serve the Lord and experience the life of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives?

    We often make the mistake of judging spiritual blessings by the rule stick of the world; how well off financially or how well educated or sophisticated are our children. These are not bad things but they are not the best things that God has to offer.

    When our children get the best God has to offer they get to make a sacrifice for the cause of Christ; they get to serve Him all the days of their life. They get to drink the cup that he drank. They get to enjoy the knowledge of living by faith and trusting Him for all the things they need in this life. They get the privilege of learning and earning a personal relationship with the Lord. They get past the physical and material and understand that there is a spiritual that is far more important.

    I want God’s best for my children and that is a life well lived for the cause of Christ Jesus. I want them to know God, believe God and trust God. James and John’s mother wanted the best God had to offer for her children. What do you want for yours?

    - Sister Peggy Forde

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