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  • Memorial Day

    "And Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua" Joshua 24:31

    Memorial Day is officially observed the last Monday of the month. This day has been set aside to remember those who have been killed in wars of our country. I am sure all of us can remember someone who has given their life that we might live in a free country and worship in freedom and truth. It is indeed a sad situation when politicians make decisions for young men and women to go to war and then forget them when they come home and need help. Memorial means "something to preserve the memory of a person or an event." Remember those who are in the military today and those families whose loved ones have paid the ultimate price. Pray for those politicians today who understand that for this nation to be free we must have a strong military.

    Joshua was a great solider who understood that without God there would be no victory. What a great memorial for Joshua to be known as the soldier that led Israel all the days of his life, and because of his leadership, Israel's days were prolonged. The word "overlived" in verse thirty one means, "prolonged their days after."

    There is another to be remembered as well; the Lord Jesus Christ who went to the cruel cross of Calvary and paid our sin debt. I would hope that we would never forget the price that was paid for our salvation. The greatest memorial is the Cross and the Shed Blood of the Saviour that we might have eternal life.

    Remember today to thank Him for saving your soul and your loved ones.

    Bro. Bill Forde

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