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  • Come Unto Me

    Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

    This is a new message from the Lord Jesus Christ. He has been rejected by the nation Israel so He turns to those who are conscious of their need.

    Our nation has been laboring and heavy laden for many years now. We have been laboring under the pretense that material and physical need being supplied will solve our spiritual problems. As a result we have become heavy laden with the idea that we do not need anything from God or His Bible.

    The problems in our nation today as well as our churches have come from our neglect of God and His Bible. The problem in our nation is not political, it is SPIRITUAL. There has been a rejection of Bible principles not only by our government but by the church as well. Jesus gave the answer to all of the problems of our nation and our churches in three words, “COME UNTO ME.” Jesus is the answer. He has always been the answer and will continue to be the answer.

    For the lost man, “come unto Jesus”; for the saved man, “come unto Jesus.” We seek rest (peace) and relief from the labor and the heavy load. It will never be found in the mind of man without Christ Jesus.

    Our nation and our churches need repentance. We need a great turning from sin and wickedness to a loving and caring God. This will not happen until we come to Jesus seeking rest from our labor of trying to solve our own problems and the heavy laden of the frustration of failure. Rest, peace and spiritual victory are found in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, nowhere else.

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