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  • Adonai

    “O Lord {Adonai} God, thou hast begun to shew thy servant thy greatness, and thy mighty hand: for what God is there in heaven or in earth, that can do according to thy works and according to thy might?” Deuteronomy 3:24

    There are over 85 names of God recorded in the Bible. Each one has a very distinct meaning. Adonai means “Master over all or God who is Master over all and all things”. He is Master over all and Lord over all deserving our highest honor and praise.

    He is the great and mighty God. O’ that we would see Him in all of His might and glory. What god in heaven or earth can do the amazing and powerful things that the Master over all can do? Who can create a mountain? Who can make the deep waters of rest and of unrest? Who can see far beyond that which we can see? Who can calm the storm with just one word? None other than Adonai.

    O’ that men would bow before Him seeking repentance and cleansing from the sins of this old, ugly world. How many times have we gone the entire day before stopping to cry out to the Master over all for cleansing us from the wickedness of sin and separation? O’ that men would cry out, forgive me for my shortcomings and lack of faith and trust in the Master over all.

    O’ that men would thank Him for being the Master over all; He who allows us to know Him in a very intimate way and come to Him as our Lord and Master at any moment of the day or night that we His children have need, He the Master of all is there.

    O’ My Master and Lord, let my thoughts be of such as to bring honor and glory to thy name always. May I live my days in calling on you for leadership and guidance that my life and those that I love and care about might enjoy those things you have provided for us as our Lord and Master.

  • Accepted or Received

    O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.” Psalms 34:8

    I come in contact with people almost daily that tell me they have accepted the Lord as their Saviour. This would be a good thing apart from their lifestyle. They do not give evidence in their life that they have been washed in the blood. They give little to no evidence of Bible knowledge. They do not attend God’s church. If called on to pray, they would be devastated. They have not given support to a local church with their time, talent or money; but yet profess to be a Christian.

    I think not. This type of people has been deceived by the satanic forces of the world into believing that the precious salvation produced by the precious blood of Jesus on the cross of Calvary is cheap. They view God as being obligated to them. They do accept God and Christ Jesus but it is evident they have not received Him into their life as their Saviour.

    We accept many things in this life, but until we have actually put them into practice we have not received them. I accept the fact that the ocean is water but when I taste it I realize it is salt water and will not quench my thirst. I do not know that until I receive it unto myself.

    There is a teaching practiced by many preachers, personal workers and churches that by saying some words and accepting Christ they are saved. This is not the truth. Men are not saved until they have received Him into their hearts and their lives. Once they have tasted that the Lord is good, then and only then, will they trust Him by faith.

    Have you accepted that there is water in the bottle or have you tasted it and know that there is water in the bottle?

  • A Quest for Refuge

    Psalms 142:6-7

    David is looking to God for refuge (help and deliverance) in a time of great trouble. He was probably in the Cave of Adullam hiding from Saul as recorded in I Samuel 22.

    He pleads his case before the Lord with great sincerity of heart and soul believing that God is his only hope. David makes three requests of the Lord and then gives three reasons for his requests.


    1. Attend unto my cry: Give my request your attention.

    2. Deliver me from my persecutors: Answer my prayer.

    3. Bring my soul out of this cave: Give me victory.


    1. I am brought very low: This is a bad situation.

    2. My enemies are stronger than I: I cannot win.

    3. That I may praise your name: For deliverance.

    We are sometimes overwhelmed with troubles and sometimes it seems there is no help or hope of deliverance. These are the times we should look to the Lord for refuge. We should always, no matter the trouble, look to the Lord for refuge.

    We are soon to be faced with some troublesome times as we draw closer to the coming of the Lord. We ought to begin now to prepare for what is coming by crying out unto our Lord for strength and help. It is not going to be long before these cries of David are going to be our cries.

    Thank God we have a way of escape; the promise of God for deliverance and refuge in the time of trouble, as did David.

  • A Quest for Holiness

    Psalms 139:23-24

    In this Psalm of David we find that we cannot hide from God. We cannot go anyplace where He is not. We are wonderfully made and cannot understand ourselves. We should stand against sin and seek sanctification as David did.

    If you are a Christian you have an innate desire for holiness because of the indwelling of the Spirit. David’s desire for holiness led him to make six requests of the Lord.

    1. Search me: Lord, look me over thoroughly.

    2. Know my heart: Lord, you know my heart.

    3. Try me: Lord, put me to the test.

    4. Know my thoughts: Lord, you know my mind.

    5. See if there be any wicked way in me: Lord, you will see it.

    6. Lead me in the way of everlasting: Lord, bring me to you.

    If we, those of us in the church today, had the same desire for holiness that David did, we too would be making these requests of the Lord. We would have a driving desire for God to put us under His spotlight of holiness, because we would desire Him more than our daily bread.

    What a glorious thing it would be if the church of today, with one heart and one mind, longed for a relationship with our Lord as David did with a desire for God to search us, show us our hearts and put us to the Spiritual test and for us to realize that God knows our thoughts and the wickedness that is in us and for us to long for a relationship with Him.

    The biblical fact is that we can have this kind of relationship with our Lord. If you noticed, these were all requests of David. He asked God for these things in his life because he desired Him more than his daily bread.

  • The Precious Blood

    “But with the precious blood of Christ;” I Peter 1:18

    The most precious possession that a man can have is the salvation of his soul. The only way and means of securing this precious possession is by the precious blood of Jesus.

    Precious means it is of great value; greatly loved or cared for. That which is precious to us we will care for with great care and concern. We will want to keep it safe and secure and clean and well fed and healthy as we would our children, our family, our homes and even ourselves.

    The reason so many can take their so-called salvation so lightly and do not treat it as precious is that they do not possess a real salvation. That which is precious to you, you will care for with the greatest care. A salvation that is precious to us understands firstly that we have it because Jesus shed His blood for us. We care for it by nourishing it, keeping it safe and secure and clean and well fed and healthy.

    We must nourish our salvation with the Word of God by reading and meditating upon it. We secure our salvation by gathering with the church for fellowship. We keep our salvation safe, well fed and healthy by attending the local church and sitting under the preaching and teaching of the good Word of God.

    As there is no substitute for the precious blood there as well is no substitute for the precious salvation of our souls.

    Those who are truly saved see the great need of caring for that which God has given them and treat it as their most precious possession; the salvation of our soul by the precious blood of Jesus.

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